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AD 2014, Volume  11, Issue 1

How do we leave a legacy? The Book of Ecclesiastes warns us that in this world, “There is no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembrance of later things yet to be among those who come after.” However, Scripture tells us that there is hope. We’ll never leave anything that lasts unless we die to ourselves and make our aim making Christ’s name great.

Pastor Jim Wilson, has been a life long evangelist and minister of the Gospel. For the last few decades he has been a pastor and evangelist in the Moscow/Pullman area. Jim is joined by his son Doug, also a pastor in Moscow, Idaho, and his grandson, Nate Wilson, a professional writer who teaches at New St. Andrews College.

Each of these men have different gifts and different perspectives. At certain points they disagree, and those may be some of the best parts of the interview. Thank you for joining us in St. Anne’s Public House. Find yourself a corner. Pour yourself a pint, and join the conversation.

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01 Introductory Credits
02 Invitation to Legacy
03 Interview: Jim Wilson on What it Means to Leave a Legacy
04 Interview: Jim Wilson on Becoming an Evangelist
05 Interview: Jim Wilson on Believing God Will Meet Your Needs
06 Interview: Jim Wilson on How to Hand on Faith to Children
07 Interview: Jim Wilson on Courage
08 Interview: Jim, Doug, and Nate Wilson on Using Strategy
09 Interview: Doug Wilson on What It Means to Be Handed a Legacy
10 Interview: Doug Wilson on Whether Jim Is a Better Evangelist Because He’s Not Reformed
11 Interview: Doug and Jim Wilson on Whether Christendom is Dying
12 Interview: Nate Wilson on What It Means to be a Legacy
13 Interview: Nate Wilson on Which of Jim’s Spiritual Gifts He Would Ask For
14 Interview: Nate and Doug on Jim’s Impact on America and the World
15 Credits


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