Since 2002, St. Anne’s Public House has aimed at the same mission: stimulating people to love God with body, soul, and mind with eclectic — but always Christ-centered — interviews, reviews, and commentary. We aim to deliver fresh issues here at our website with the changing of the seasons (unless you live in Arizona, which has only two seasons), but only as funds permit.

We used to be a primarily CD based journal. But when’s the last time you listened to a CD? Yup, that’s what I thought. So the last few years have been a little challenging. If you want to know that story CLICK HERE or listen to the podcast episode below.

Downloads for all available back issues are free. Some issues are available on CD with with beautiful artwork. Thanks for stopping in. Please pull up a table and enjoy yourself.

The Company of Saint Anne’s

We really only have one frequently asked question, and that is, Why St. Anne’s Public House? As for the St. Anne’s part, that is for short the Company of St. Anne’s, a group of very average people who fight off the evil nasties of N.I.C.E in C.S Lewis’ novel, That Hideous Strength. We liked the idea that God uses pretty average people doing average things for His glory. The “Public House” part of the name came from an inspiring talk by Dr. Roy Atwood. The Public Houses and Coffee Houses of 17th Century England were places for public discourse. So it is the discourse, more than the alcohol, that we are emphasizing. But we do enjoy a nice glass of Shiraz now and again.