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House of Mourning


AD 2006, Volume 5, Issue 4

Everybody dies. But few prepare. It’s the lack of preparation that makes death terrifying.

What if we did prepare, not by just believing in Christ, but by fully embracing what scripture teaches regarding death, by numbering our days, by trusting God for the fruit of the days he gives us. It is for this reason that Jonathan Edwards purposed to spend a few moments everyday thinking about the day of his death.

In this issue of St. Anne’s Public House, we speak with former mortican Leah Clausen on the process of internment and veteran pastor Dr. Wilson Benton about how to die well

Product Description

01 Invitation
02 Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions – part 1
03 To Thee We Sing by Ensemble Sreteniye
04 On Frederick the Great
05 On Thomas Chaterton
06 She Moved through the Fair by Jeni Melia.
07 Interview with Leah Clausen: The Interment Process
08 Death and the Lady by John Fleagle
09 On John Calvin
10 Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions – part 2
11 Bless the Lord O My Soul by Kyiz Chamber Choir
12 On John Donne.
13 Interview with Dr. Wilson Benton: How to Die Well
14 George Collins by John Fleagle
15 Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions – part 3
16 Ex Tenebris by Oscar Wilde
17 Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies by Jeni Melia
18 From Pilgrim’s Progress
19 Credits


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