AD 2006, Volume 5, Issue 2

God loves those who fight for him. But victory in His war requires wisdom, not mere violence. All too often, the glory of battle, and spiritual blood lust overtakes those who sit in the seat of Moses. Wars and factions erupt where God calls for peace, and instead of unity, guts and blood besplater the isles of his Church.

The watching world sees this folly, and far from serving God, those who fight against brothers for a name and vain glory splinter the timbers in his house. In this issue of St. Anne’s Pub, we speak with Professor Jonathan Price, Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient History at Tel Aviv University and the worlds expert on the siege of Jerusalem of AD 70, about the factions which lead to this great city’s downfall. We also speak with Parker T Williamson, editor of The Presbyterian Layman, and the vetran of many church battles.

Product Description

01 Invitation: Joost Nixon

Interview: Dr. George Marsden

03 Twa Corbis from World’s Bliss
04 On Niceas the Athenian
05 Interview: Mr. David L. Bahnsen
06 The Unity Reformed Church
07 Interview: Dr. Vern Poythress
08 Athanasius and the Hand
09 Interview: Dr. Chad VanDixhoorn
10 Something to Think About
11 Dr. Don Shue’s Conflict Resolution Conference
12 Credits


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