We used to call this page baksheesh, but no one knew what that was.

bak•sheesh \ˈbak-ˌshēsh, bak-ˈ\ noun [Persian bakhshīsh, from bakhshīdan to give, Sanskrit bhajati he allots]: payment (as a tip or bribe) to expedite service.

While we discourage bribery, The Company of St. Anne’s cheerfully accepts donations and tips. In fact, we are fueled entirely by the generosity of our patrons. We aim at putting four issues out a year–funds permitting. Currently we have several issues fidgeting impatiently on the shelves, waiting for their turn to go out. You can support St. Anne’s Public House through PayPal, or by sending your gift to an address that I will eventually post. Paypal is the best way to support us.


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