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The Art of Spiritual War


AD 2006, Volume 5, Issue 1

Christians, especially Christian Leaders, badly need to look through the wrong end of their spy glasses.They need perspective so they can think strategically and lead effectively.

To meet this need we have invited three former military officers to speak to us to speak to us about strategy in spiritual warfare. Our first guest is Gen (Ret.) Howard Prince, former professor and head of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership and the US Military Academy West Point. Jim Wilson, a former Naval Officer and Executive Director of Community Christian Ministries is the author of Principles of War, which applies military strategy to evangelism using the Gospels as examples. Finally we will hear from Col. (Ret.) John Warden, arcitect of the air campaign of Gulf War I and military rock star, who developed a strategic model now known as Warden’s Ring Theory.

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01 Invitation: Joost Nixon
02 Review of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
03 The Efficiency of General Grant
04 Bleeding Heart Calvinism
05 Interview with Brig. General Howard Prince (Ret).
06 Interview with Jim Wilson, author of The Principles of War.
07 Anecdote from Spanish American War
08 “Blessed is the Man,” St. Elijah Children’s Choir
09 Book Review:  The Art of Reformed War, by Dr. Don Shu
10 Bach Violin Concerto, III Allegro Assai, Performed by Lara St. John.
11 Interview with Col. John Warden, Architect of the Air Campaign for the first Gulf War on Ring Theory.
12 Something to think about–questions for better listening.
13 “Letter to the Heathen” by A.A. and Mary Hodge.
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