Make It a Double: An Evangelical Tribute to Whiskey


AD 2007, Volume 6, Issues 3 and 4

This is our most downloaded issue. The two part issue features a first “disk,” An Evangelical Tribute to Whiskey, that represents the sober side of the enjoyment of whiskey. This side features an interview with whiskey taster Bruce Ridley, who shows us that the making and the tasting whiskey are each arts unto themselves.

The second “disk,” Strange Encounters, is the less that sober side of the issue. For Strange Encounters, we interview a tabloid writer who explains the source of his reporting. We also interview a man who reports that he was abducted by an alien along with the doctor who surgically removed his alien implant.

Along with the interviews we also have an assortment of movie reviews, anecdotes, music, and other volatile concoctions.

Product Description

Disk 1: A Tribute to Whiskey

01 Invitation: Joost Nixon
02 Anecdote: Fabio
03 Anecdote: Will Rogers
04 Strathspey and Reels in A by Shira Kammen
05 Tribute to Brad Bird, part 1 – Ratatouille by Jason Farley
06 Doddridge Quote
07 Ovid Quote
08 P.J. O’Rourke Quote
09 The Fly by Emma Curtis
10 Ancient Biography: Sennacharib
11 Carolan’s Concerto by Da Camera
12 Interview: Bruce Ridley on Whiskey
13 John Barlycorn Must Die by Sira Kammen
14 Tribute to Brad Bird, part 2 – The Incredibles by Jason Farley
15 Ring Out Your Bells by Pantagruel


Disk 2: Strange Encounters

1 Welcome Back
2 Dr. Sway’s Concience Suppresants
3 The Thirsty Topper by Emma Curtis
4 Anecdote: Enrico Caruso
5 Bob Hope Quote
6 Albert Einstein Quote
7 Back of Wine Quote
8 Ale and Tobacco, Pantagreul
9 Interview: Tom D’Antoni on Tabloids
10 Pelagius Drinking Song: Christ Church Men
11 Will Rogers Quote
12 Temperance Sermon: Stuart Bryan
13 Will Rogers Quote
14 Imelda Marcos Quote
15 Walt Disney Quote
16 Brooke Shields Quote
17 Tribute to Brad Bird, part 3 – The Iron Giant by Jason Farley
18 The Wren in the Hurze by Shira Kammen
19 Interview: Cullen and Leir on Alien Abductions
20 My Jolly Companion by Emma Curtis
21 Credits


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