Turf Wars

Turf Wars: Power and Politics in the Church


Amongst Jesus disciples, one of the matters of principle importance was the question of which of them was the greatest. So compelling was this question that the disciples returned to it again and again, sneaking the topic around him, like some hormonal adolescents with their precious stack of nudie magazines.

Jesus taught them that greatness was being like a child or a slave. They politely nodded, but the lessons never quite sunk in. The disciples continued the debate, and it still continues today.

Possibly the greatest problem in Christendom today is pride of personality between various Christians as they fight for seat of honor in the synagogue. This issue aims a lance and a windmill that is always turning in the Christian Church.

The topic for this issue of St. Anne’s Pub is turf wars in the City of God, we speak with Dr. Jonathan Price,  a world expert in the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD and the factions which tore the city apart. We also explore what to do when turf wars are an expression of godliness. Parker Williamson, bad boy of the PCUSA, and publisher of The Layman counsels us on how to stand faithfully in the midst of battle.

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01 Invitation: Joost Nixon
02 Anecdote: Henry Miller
03 Anecdote: Randolph and Clay
04 Bad Attraction by Brad Sucks
05 Interview: Dr. Jonathan Price
06 Anecdote: Chamberlain and Russell
07 Anecdote: Louis B. Mayer
08 The Death of Charlemagne
09 Anecdote: Sir Walter Scott
10 Interview: Rev. Parker Williamson
11 Sweet Kate by La Primavera
12 Elder Gossip
13 Credits