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Hearts Made Glad: A Tribute to Wine


AD 2004, Volume 3, Issue 3

When the Nazi’s captured France, Herman Goring made big plans to plunder France’s greatest treasure, her wine. But the French, in an historic struggle, went to great lenghths to keep their wine hidden from the Germans.

French wine is glorious, but whether you’re a frog or a bog trotter, the glory of wine cannot be appreciated without the Gospel. Likewise, modern evangelicals do not have despised wine because, in some significant ways they have misunderstand the Gospel. One of the ways God judges a nation is by taking away the nation’s wine. From this clear teaching in Scripture we can be sure that wine is good, and that many American Christians need more of it.

In this issue of St. Anne’s Public House we speak with Steve Walker and Vern Spencer, a grapegrower and winemaker, respectively, and also with John Allen, the co-owner of  “Vino, a Wine Shop.”

Product Description

01 Invitation: Joost Nixon
02 Anecdote: Time Remembered by Vivian Holland
03 Cultural Exegesis: Modern Christians don’t “get out” much
04 Anecdote: from H. L. Mencken
05 Anecdote:  Bleak House by Charles Dickens
06 Double Interview: Steve Walker and Vern Spencer, a grapegrower and winemaker, respectively
07 Anecdote: Drink not the Third Glass by George Herbert
08 Ancient toasting
09 John 15:1-5
10 Scripture’s portrayal of wine
11 Announcing “On Tap”
12 Interview: John Allen, the co-owner of  “Vino, a Wine Shop”
13 The Physiology of Taste
14 Temperance in America as a form of God’s judgment
15 Anecdote from Samuel ElliotMorrison on Port
16 Review of a book by Lamar Peterson
17 Credits



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