Just As I’m Not: Evangelism or Manipulation


AD 2003, Volume 2, Issue 2

“But how shall they hear without a preacher” Paul writes in the Epistle to the Romans. God has made the preaching of his word essential to the success of the Kingdom on earth. Yet, many have taken this to mean that the success of the Gospel depends upon the craft of the minister, his ability to move his hearers, to manipulate their emotions.

The Gospel should be preached powerfully, but how do we do this recognizing that God is the one who saves, who even predestines those who will be saved? The Augustinian doctrine of predestination seems have stripped the fight from the passions of many Christians who believe that God will save them anyways, so why help? In this issue of St. Anne’s Public House, we address the critical question of how to preach the Gospel while also living out the faith that God is working to call his own.

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01 Invitation: Joost Nixon
02 Cultural Exegesis: How Christians Should Live in an Empire?
03 Interview: Author and Reverend Ian Murray.
04 Interview: Steve Schlissel, pastor of Messiah’s Congregation.
05 Program ID
06 Ancient Biography: John Calvin
07 Interview: Reverend Jeff Gage, missionary in Johannessburg, South Africa.
08 Something to Think About
09 Poetry: The Pulley
10 Pernicious religious literature: Friedrich Schleiermacher’s On Religion.
11 The Burned-Over District: The tale of William Miller.
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