Socialism and the Hope of Christendom


AD 2011, Volume  10, Issue 1

You may not have heard, but since the last national election we’ve been interred in this socialist re-education camp, and have only recently crawled out under the wire. Traumatized by our experience, we’re here to prepare our patrons for life in the new Socialist utopia.

Joining us are our guests. Hilmar von Campe is a former member of the Hitler Youth and is author of Defeating the Totalitarian Lie, he spoke to us on the similarities he sees between the trajectory of America and the totalitarianism evidenced in the Third Reich. Our second guest is retired professor of Sociology, Dr. Alvin J. Schmidt, author of How Christianity Changed the World. Dr. Schmidt spoke with us about how the church incarnated the gospel and changed the world in the past, and how it can continue this transformation in the future.

Along with our guests we have our usual eclectic cocktail of reviews, commentary, and the unclassifiable. Thanks for hanging around. Go find yourself a corner, pour yourself a pint, and join the conversation.

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01 Invitation: Joost Nixon
02 On Andrew Carnegie
03 Chomsky Changed My Life by Louis Lingg and the Bombs
04 Interview: Hilmar von Kampe
05 Ancient Biography: The Venerable Bede
06 Movie Review: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
07 Monarch by Lydia McCauley on Quieting
08 Interview: Alvin J. Schmidt
09 Bleed
10 Credits


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